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Are you searching for Brevard NC real estate? Brevard Realty Team works exclusively with real estate buyers, and that translates into benefits for you, no matter what type of real estate you are looking for, from homes for sale in Brevard, to western North Carolina land and commercial properties. We sell Brevard NC real estate — and real estate in all surrounding towns, such as Hendersonville, Rosman, Asheville, Pisgah Forest, Balsam Grove, Lake Toxaway, Cashiers, Mills River and many others.

Brevard Realty Team is the only exclusive real estate buyer agency in Brevard, North Carolina, which means our firm does not take listings — we work with buyers only. There’s no chance of the conflict of interest that often occurs when real estate agents work for a firm that is contracted (and bound by law) to get the best deals for their sellers.

Don’t Worry About Commission Expenses

Traditional listing agents share commissions with any real estate agency that sells a listed property, and that includes Brevard Realty Team. If there’s ever a time that is not the case, we’ll tell you up-front (but it’s a very rare occurrence in today’s real estate market, and something we haven’t encountered for many years).

There’s one myth we’d like to dispel before you begin searching for real estate in our North Carolina mountains:

The Number One Real Estate Myth

“I’ll get the best deal if I call the agent on the For Sale sign.”

Think about that — the agent listed on the For Sale sign works for the seller, and is required by law to get the best deal for the seller, not you. Brevard Realty Team works for you, the buyer.

Don’t be misled by the term Designated Agent — it’s a type of Dual Agency, which means a real estate firm will represent both you and the seller in a transaction. Even though many agents call themselves buyer’s agents, no real estate agent who works for a firm that accepts listings can guarantee to be your exclusive buyer’s agent. Period. You will be their customer — not their client.

You are our client — not our customer.
Get the Facts About Real Estate Agent Duties

A Few FAQ About Brevard Realty Team

Are you a large real estate agency?

Most certainly not, and that’s how we like it. An real estate firm’s level of service has nothing to do with the size of the agency — it’s all about knowledge and work ethics.

If you don’t have listings, how will you find property for me?

Every agent who belongs to the Multiple Listing Service has access to the same western North Carolina real estate listings. We can also help you acquire for sale by owner properties.

Some agents never answer my calls or emails, will you?

We’re sorry that’s happened to you, and yes, if we hear from you we will respond just as soon as we read you’re email or hear your message. We’re never too busy to keep in touch with clients.

We hope you’ll contact us if you’re looking for a home or other real estate in Brevard or surrounding areas, or if you simply want to learn more about life in western North Carolina. Call 828-421-9145 to reach an agent.